You're welcome to on Twitter. I check geoffsshorts at quite frequently, though it's often some time before I'm free to reply.

I read all comments. Regrettably I don't always have time to reply. If I haven't gotten back to you it's most likely I don't feel smart enough to give you a proper response - please don't take it personally. I have a day job.

If you'd like to reuse my material in whole or in part I'm generally game, but please pop me a mail with your intentions first. To date I've never said no. I'm always interested in seeing another blogger's take on the stats presented and am generally happy to provide images and source data. I'm especially happy to do this for folks who don't share my viewpoints.

I certainly welcome those who want to share their faith with me, but I find e-mail conversations can end up covering a lot of the same ground and time delays can reduce their impact. For that reason I'd prefer to stick with Skype chats. Preference will be given to those who would like to share at least some of our conversation on YouTube for the benefit of others, but happy to do a few private chats as well.

I'd like to do do another radio show: I enjoyed the experience. I'm open to the idea of debates, discussions, or giving my street preachers talk to another group. No, I don't charge. Tea and biscuits would be nice though.

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Yvonnecwhelan said...

hi Geoff
Had been in touch on twitter but my account was hacked again for 3rd time on the 6the January.
I took the usual steps then today set up a new account under the name Yc Whelan and that was hacked within hours.Are the pro life catholic gremlins at work.
I found it so frustrating during the hearings.
the first time twitter was hscked I was notified that it happened from the USA .

My Facebook was also hacked into brazenly by Family and life posing as coming from my GP Slievemore saying my GP was a friend of pro life and had participated in the pro life vigil it was also accompanied by their horrible pictures.
Can you just imagine if I was a pregnant woman attending that GP clinic and gig this on my Facebook page.Anyone . Else have this happen to them
Yvonne whelan